Just What We Need– More Words Unleashed Upon the World

After writing for several consecutive days on a group blog One Fine Philly, I decided to ship off and form my own space colony. So here it is– Planet Caroline. And in this precious world, I will write about the things that matter to me– liberal politics, Philadelphia, improv comedy,  living life to its fullest, dating,  and of course electronic dance music and parties.

The purpose of this blog is not to impress you with my writing skills. And turn you into passive fans, who bookmark me and read me daily. (Although that would be cool). Rather, I want to assemble a community of people I talk to, argue with, and go dancing with. In about 6 months, I am planning the biggest party of my life and you all are invited. (Details forthcoming as soon as I have some– the party is an inchoate idea right now).  Maybe some of you can’t come to Philly and (for reasons I can’t explain now) I can’t fly out to see  you, but we have social media, IM, email, and blog comments to keep us close.

So here goes nothing. Welcome to Planet Caroline…(tagline coming soon)


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