Can’t Ever Say No to Mooching Free Food

fireworksI am writing for two blogs now, this one here and a group blog called One Fine Philly. I just posted up my usual weekend plans, which is my self-absorbed way of making event recommendations. So, I wonder…can I repost my crappy weekend planning blog post here? Would it be plagiarism? Bad blogging? 

Whatever…I’ll suggest you jump over to my blog post over there.

If there was a theme to this weekend is that I’m easy. I have said yes to every invitation I was offered. I will have to alter the time-space continuum to make these events on Saturday. Check this out.

-Philebrity music fest- 2-9 pm No-Libs & Fishtown

-BBQ in West Philly- 5ish

-BBQ in South Philly 2-8ish & afterparty BBQ 8ish – whenever (forget where this is)

-BBQ, fireworks, & Sheryl Crow watching (shudder)- Fairmount- 5 pm – end of time

I think Philebrity party will be biting the dust on my social calendar. Can’t really bother to go to an event that won’t let me mooch food for free. The West Philly, South Philly, and Fairmount BBQ’s are all hosted by people I adore, who very rarely want to hang out with me.

Therefore, I very much want to go to these parties. I think I might start in Fairmount, swing over to West Philly, then run on down to South Philly and straggle in to afterparty BBQ long after people stopped having fun. 

I let you know how this goes.


One response to “Can’t Ever Say No to Mooching Free Food

  1. drawonthewalls

    Glad you made it to Amanda’s! I will gladly shudder with you at the mention of Sheryl Crow.

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