The Origins of Planet Caroline

forbiddenplanetsaucerIn college, a friend (whose name has etched out of my brain) one day declared that I should be called Planet Caroline. I can almost recall his words precisely, which went something like, “You aren’t a space cadet or anything. Rather you are on a different orbit than everyone else.” Pretty much that sums me up. I wish I could be that girl in the crowded bathroom in the club, who can start a universal conversation that everybody can relate to.

Like on 4th of July, people are talking about food, fireworks, and getting to the Shore. And I am picking apart the meaning of a Facebook invite. Does he really want me at the BBQ? Am I space filler? What should I talk about? I know these imaginary conversations people have are universal.

But for it to be Planet Caroline style, I turn this high school insecurity stuff and into epic drama. I try to invent universal theories of my PLACE in his LIFE.

This gets me into trouble as soon as I open my mouth. Somebody asks me how I’m doing and instead of saying fine, I try to introduce my epic thoughts into casual conversation. I know it’s a bad idea. But hey, that’s Planet Caroline.


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