Geeks Make for Good Times

New Jersey guy before battle

New Jersey guy before battle

The wave of communication and news sharing that emanated from Saturday’s cardboard tube fight continues to radiate outward. The Cardboard Tube Fighting League’s (CTFL) Flickr is out of hand with over 1,300 photos. Every day this week, people have been asking me about the event. And the Facebook photo tags and friend invites keep coming from the photographs I posted.

At karaoke at National Mechanics this past Tuesday, I hung out with somebody I met on Saturday. Turned out we were attending the same birthday celebration. When she heard that we had a mutual friend in common, she responded that she knew I was cool because that I am the type to flail people with cardboard.

My brother-in-law, whose favorite pastime is to make fun of me, paused from his recitation of every stupid thing I have said on Twitter to say what I did sounded like fun.

I’m not sure how to parlay this abundance of friendliness and good will into something that will have lasting benefits. My gut tells me I will have to continue to do new things to keep the stories rolling.


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