National Friendship Day



If it wasn’t for Twitter and it’s endless stream of chatter, I would not know today is Friendship Day. Googling yielded me who tells me this special day was invented by Congress proclamation in 1935. During the Great Depression, people certainly needed friends (and now during our recession). I have honored today by canceling plans with two friends so that I can “work from home.” Working from home can be translated into “doing nothing.”  

I particularly like the picture above illustrating friendship. It seems two women are happily carrying a basket of laundered clothing that are lovingly proffered to me. Adding flowers to make my delicates smell fresh is a nice touch. I translated the accompanying message to mean that I can still have friends and never see them because I am doing other more important things. Like seeking a life partner who will then become my “best friend.”  

This does not need to be said, but I am a good friend. And highly deserving of  honoring today. Send over the offerings of food and presents now.


2 responses to “National Friendship Day

  1. known u two weeks on twitter, and you’re a fantastic FUCKING friend. thanks for the honesty.

  2. planetcaroline

    Hey thanks…it’s weird how Twitter mashes people together and somehow we end up sticking together.

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