Raddest Party of the Summer


Dan Deacon- Ringleader of Mayhem

Sometime ago I decided that I’m not a creepster for mingling at clubs and parties among people 10-15 years younger than me. Nobody really cares who I am or what I do dancing as long as I don’t annoy people. And I’ve seen my share of obtrusive behavior at music events.


Sans timidity, on Saturday, August 1st I boarded a rowdy school bus at the Piazza at Schmidts and journeyed to the Flying W Airport and Pool Resort in Medford NJ. It didn’t take much convincing to go to Medford as I had been there for the Making Time pool party with Dave P and a bunch of other DJs. That party was absurdly fun- splashing in the pool, flailing at beach balls, dancing in the rain, and gently declining a guy who wanted to hoist me on his shoulders to joust with other swimmers.


This past Saturday it was hot and sunny- perfect weather to lay in grass, get sweaty dancing and cool off in the airplane shaped pool. Yeah, the resort is attached to an airfield with small airplanes taking off and landing next to us. The grounds were equipped for play- volleyball court, swing set, BBQ pit, restaurant, and beverage stands.

No Age killing it

No Age killing it

The people watching and music was spectacular. Dan Deacon, Pitchfork darlings Deerhunter, “band to watch” No Age, White Rainbow, Ed Schrader, and Infinite Body were on the bill.

Broadzilla DJs spun electronic music throughout, so there was continuous music.

Phrequency.com raved that the party will become legend. Their description and pictures reminded me how special the event really was. Prefixmag.com took some nice shots of the bands. Here’s some crowd pics from Prefixmag.com. And be sure to check out these videos. If you are completely obsessed with looking at pictures, here’s some awesome pics that Michael Brown posted on Flickr.

So many aspects of the day were unbelievable… The music of course. And they played in a round robin format in which they were situated on three separate stages and would play a single song or two in succession. Imagine a crowd of several hundred running from one stage to another freaking out, crowd surfing, and moshing to slightly different sounds every five minutes. It was a moving mass of humanity of bare chests and swimsuits. And the bare feet saying ouch as they were stomped on.

Dan Deacon was the ultimate show man with his crazy electronic sounds and audience participation games. At the end he instructed people to form into a party line the snaked around the pool and toward the parking lot. No Age killed it with a wall of sound- their two piece mixed punk, surf, lo-fi fuzz, and rocking out loud in an ecstatic combination. The crowd was frenzied, throwing their bodies into the moshing fray. Deerhunter seemed respectable compared to the other musicians playing complex, sincere songs.

Hands off, he's mine

Hands off, he's mine

But as important as the music was in making the day great, it was the crowd that set the tone. People were friendly and polite as we maneuvered around each other and the patchwork of towels carpeting the grass. The people watching was engrossing as I took note of how I studied fashion choices that included hand scrawled t-shirts, sequined bathing suits, and of course the guy in the pink speedo. He was good natured about his girth, his hairiness, and his tiny suit which made him look less of the man than he was (if you catch my drift). He drew the admiration of everyone around him, including Dan Deacon who enlisted him to showcase his dancing in the middle of a circle cleared to spotlight dancers.



So there you have it, I was there. At the craziest, raddest dance party of the summer. But mark your calendars, you have one last chance. Dave P is hosting the Making Time Pool Party, the Sequel on Sunday, September 6th. The rager runs from 1 pm – 11 pm. Invites not quite up yet, but expect it to cost $12 without transport and $17 with round-trip shuttle bus service. R5 will host this event, so check their web site or Dave P’s myspace for info. I saw a poster already, so it’s been officially announced.   I have a big decision though- that day is the monster Electric Zoo festival in NYC. I poured about my excitement for this event in this blog post from a month ago. Decision time. Do I sweat my ass off dancing to some of the world’s most famous and accomplished electronic artists or do I stay local and cool dancing to my favorite DJs in Philly? My dance friends would call me crazy to say this, but I think the local Making Time Pool party has the edge.


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