Have a Complaint? Then Blame Drew’s Cancer


Drew Olanoff at Blame Drew's Cancer Fundraser at Lucky Strikes

Didn’t think it was possible, but this weekend I hit the wall. I actually became worn out from going out dancing every weekend this summer. And I will Blame Drew’s Cancer for that.

This past Saturday, I went out to bachelorette party heaven, Buckhead Saloon, for what promised to be a great night- cheezy music (seriously, they did back-to-back covers of Jay-Z & John Denver on amped acoustic guitars), dancing, and of course watching women in skimpy clothes ride a mechanical bull, and inevitably, fail. And all for a good cause. The night was a benefit for Blame Drew’s Cancer, which is a Philly-founded effort to raise money and awareness to fight cancer. Drew Olanoff, the founder, is surviving Hodgkin’s lymphoma has been tirelessly leading the fight against cancer since his diagnosis in May.

Blame Drew’s Cancer became what it is when Drew started blaming his cancer on the little annoyances in life like losing his keys, traffic, the aroma of Philly in the summer, etc. Drew’s friends got in the act and Blame Drew’s Cancer became a Twitter phenomenon. Soon thousands of people were blaming Drew’s cancer for everything- from the trivial (the weather) to the serious (a loved one struck with cancer). Drew has had celebrity blamers like Jon Bon Jovi (see Bon Jovi’s video clip here) and Lance Armstrong blamed Drew’s cancer for a shoulder injury.

Between chemotherapy treatments, Drew is tirelessly working to make Blame Drew’s Cancer a powerful voice to fight cancer. Drew has become a Philly spokesperson for LIVESTRONG and will be master of ceremony for the LIVESTRONG Philly Challenge on August 29th.

Drew and the Blame Drew’s Cancer crew are inspiring- a cluster of best friends in their twenties- who are working to save lives. Their idealism is certainly energizing. For those of you who want to get involved, I say attend the Blame-a-thon occurring on 9/09/09 at Indy Hall and North Star Bar. The event is 24-hours long! From 12 am to 12 pm, the event kicks of at Indy Hall with music, food, and live internet streaming of the event. Then at 12 pm, the party moves to the North Star for music and lasts until 2 am. More details will be forthcoming. Facebook Drew Olanoff, follow @drew on Twitter or check the Blame-a-thon blog for breaking news.


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