My Alter Ego is More Fun

funThe learning curve to vanity blogging is steep. For years, I was blogging anonymously on specialty topics (eg. panic disorder) that consumed me. And then one day, Pop Culture Casualty asked me to join one of her collaborative blog, One Fine Philly. Great. And I loved it. Since it was a bunch of us writing atop each other, I didn’t worry about saying something stupid. After all, readers can skip me and enjoy the other contributions.

I conceived of Planet Caroline as a forum where I can be more thoughtful about the topics that I am passionate about. I could gaze across the water, go hmmm, and share integrated wisdoms with you.

But frankly, my alter ego at One Fine Philly is much more fun and relevant.

And I discovered, I am not especially deep. Not for a 500 word essay.

So I have some rethinking to do.

In the meantime, I’d like you to check out my last three entries from One Fine Philly. They are still timely- that is, they talk about events still in the future- and they are short too. They are all loosely organized around the theme: the stuff we did during our gawky junior high years are more fun today.

Party Like It’s Junior High! – Geektastic event on Sunday, August 23rd in Fairmount Park. Thumbnail sketch: BBQ & DIY water rockets. Awesomeness.

Speed Dating is a Good Way to Waste an Evening – Shmitten Kitten is hosting a series of uncomfortable speed dating events in September and October. The upside: events set to 90’s music we used to (and secretly still) love.

Philly’s Secret Getaways – This half-assed post made a good point. Sometimes it’s more fun to hang out than go out to the latest “must go” event.

Random aside: Thank you for responding to my posts via Facebook and Twitter. I’ve noticed that fellow bloggers tend to be the ones comfortable with leaving comments on Planet Caroline itself.


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