Acoustic Torture at Animal Welfare Event

Their Likenesses Played the Rotunda!

Their Likenesses Played the Rotunda!

For the first time this summer, I skipped dancing over the weekend. I stuck to mellow activities like brunch at Morning Glory, BBQ in Fishtown, and a craft fair in West Philly. I wanted conversation in a less volume saturated setting.

At the craft fair sponsored by Citizens for a No-Kill Philadelphia at the Rotunda on Saturday, I visited my friends behind catFlowers. They were limper than their usual upbeat selves. The fair’s attendance was sparser than expected and on top of that they had been spending hours listening to the corny banter of acoustic musicians onstage. Looking at the hang dog expressions of the craft vendors 5 feet from the stage, I could hear them pleading silently, “Die, now. Please.”

Handmade Pillow Designed by CatFlowers

Handmade Pillow Designed by CatFlowers

But people remained upbeat- after all, the craft fair was raising money for abused and neglected animals in Philly. I chatted up the vendors and heard their stories. There was a woman who designs headbands with intricate beaded insects and there were the bike obsessed people with silk screened tees. I reserved my love for catFlowers though because I had happy sticker shock when looking at their handmade earrings – $5 for a pair of bows in animal print. And their meticulously hand made cat-themed pillows are affordable art. See their etsy site for their latest designs.

I was happy to depart as the endless queue of troubadours continued their assault of overlong intros, describing the latest song they composed while humping a tree.


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