Doomsday Budget Speakout

Repost from Coaliton to Save the Libraries.
NOON, CITY HALL, 4th Floor
(Outside Council Chambers)
Speak out at the People’s Hearing on the city’s Doomsday Budget, organized by the Coalition to Save the Libraries. The Coalition is organizing the People’s Hearing because City Council canceled its public hearing on the Doomsday Budget and the people’s voice must be heard. Closing all libraries, all recreation centers, 2 health centers and laying off 3000 workers will plunge our vulnerable neighborhoods further into crisis and deepen the recession’s impact on all Philadelphians. Speakers from neighborhoods across Philadelphia and leaders of community organizations will indict City Hall and demand the transparency that Mayor Nutter promised when he ran for office. Let us know if you’d like to speak out at the People’s Hearing: contact Kristin Campbell at 215-880-9007.

Below is the list of some of the program cuts the Senate Republicans are fighting for:

Will YOUR community be affected by the state’s proposed cuts?

Drug Education & Law Enforcement 100%
Violence Prevention 100%
Police on Patrol 100%
Safe Neighborhoods 100%
Inmate Education 21%
CHIP Program 10,000Children Cut
Child Care 29%
Pre K Counts 50%
Head Start 50%
Cancer Programs 57%
HIV/AIDS Programs 25%
Mental Health and Drug and Alcohol Services 24%
Human Services Development Fund 10%
Regional Cancer Centers 100%
Tourette’s Syndrome 100%
Hemophilia 100%
Epilepsy 100%
Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia 100%
Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh 100%
Fox Chase Cancer Institute 100%
Burn Foundation 100%
Adult Literacy 27%
Charter Schools 12%
High School Reform 75%
University of PA 100%
Pa College of Optometry 100%
University of the Arts 100%
Science and Math Education 100%
Customized Job Training 54%
Business Retention and Expansion 100%
Small Business Development Centers 62%
Minority Business Devpt Agency 100%
Housing & Redevelopment Assistance 100%
Self-Employment Assistance, Family Savings Program, PA Community Devpt. Bank 100%
Arts & Culture 100%
Pennsylvania Public Libraries 50%
Autism Intervention & Services 24%


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