Still Alive…Just Drowning in Awesomeness

Avalon NJ at sunrise

Avalon NJ at sunrise

Quickie update to say I’m not letting my blog moulder (geez, why did that word pop out of my head. I’ve never used that word. Ever.)…Went to the shore for a week with no internet access. Wow, crazy. The weirdest part is I didn’t miss the internet at all and not once did I look at the ocean and think, “Wow, I wish I could Twitpic that.” I did enable my phone to text tweet, but I didn’t do it at all. Anyway, it seemed kind of creepy to zap in a tweet from my phone with no contact with Twitter at all. Like a deus ex machina thing, but only on a feebler scale.

I’m positively giddy right now from sleeping 10 hours a day and doing nothing but swim, walk, bike, and veg out in front of cable tv. (Don’t have cable at home, so I went on a binge of Food Network and HGTV programming. Actually, came back home with a new vocabulary -eg. remoulade- and knowing new things like every modern kitchens needs granite countertops and stainless steel appliances.)

But I’m buried under a massive pile of grant writing with 5 giant deadlines in October, including a behemoth federal grant AND I’m moving around Oct 3. The past week, I’ve done nothing but throw shit out of my apartment, write, and have those seemingly hours-long dreams induced by the nicotine patch. People who’ve used the patch know what I’m talking about. For people who don’t, briefly: the stimulant nicotine pumping in one’s system at 3 am creates some funky dreams.

The hard part of all this is I haven’t gone dancing for over two weeks. I’m horrified by this development, but plan on amending for this soon.

Ok, now back to work. I have a 9 hour information conference with the CDC tomorrow to prep for. Fun times.  I’ll try to stay in touch.

❤ PC


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